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1. Fitbit Flex Armbånd
2. Withings WiFi Badevægt
3. inFamous (PS3)
4. The Godfather 2 (PS3)
5. Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS3)

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1. Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Review
2. Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Laptop Review
3. Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Review
4. Gateway P-171XL Gaming Laptop Review
5. Skulltrail: A Preview of Intel's Beast

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RAID Class Terabyte Hard Drives 29/11-2007 

Imagine you have one of these shiny new terabyte hard drives. Now imagine it full of your family's digital photos, home movies, your checkbook, and tax software.
Now imagine you hear a harsh clicking sound coming from your PC, and your hard drive dies.

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Solid State Drives: Fast, Rugged, and Really Expensive 14/11-2007 

Hard drives based on flash memory are hot.
That's not to say they run hot. But they have become the must-have for the "in crowd" among the digerati. Flash drives are compact, make no noise, and consume less power than their standard hard drive counterparts. In the past, however, flash drives have suffered from two critical shortcomings compared to their rotating media cousins: They offer lower capacity and cost a lot more.

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Hard Drives: Under the Hood 9/11-2007 

The average computer user only becomes aware of his or her hard drive in two circumstances: When it fills, or when it fails.
The vast majority of the time, however, the hard drive spins on and on, serving up or taking in the bits that represent our digital lives. Hard drives live in server rooms, desktop PCs, laptops, high capacity digital media players, DVRs… the list goes on and on.
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Western Digital WD10EACS and Seagate 7200.11 Terabyte Hard Drive Reviews 25/10-2007 

It's the era of the terabyte.
That era really launched back in May when Hitachi delivered its 7K1000 terabyte hard drive. However, the 7K1000 was a five platter, ten head device, while the two drives we look at today are four platter, four head devices. That's right: These drives offer a cool 250GB per platter. That's a lot of bits in a small area.

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Samsung Spinpoint MH80 Hybrid Hard Drive Review 22/10-2007 

Not long ago, I wrote a column about Microsoft's broken promises for Windows Vista. I'd like to add a sixth one: hybrid hard drives.
Bear in mind that this is a review of a single product from a single manufacturer. But what I've seen is pretty underwhelming. But before we dive into product details, it's worth exploring the hybrid hard drive idea.

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Five eSATA Drives Reviewed 22/8-2007 

It's a wonder we ever even used serial ports. Back in the dark days of computing, external devices connected to the PC via these 9-pin (or, arbitrarily, 25-pin) ports through which data crawled at, oh, around 300 bits per second. That's bits. If you had to copy, say, a 50 kb file via a 300 "baud" serial connection, it would take more than 20 minutes.
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Western Digital's 750GB Perpendicular Hard Drive 21/6-2007 

Western Digital has avoided jumping into the desktop hard drive capacity game. It makes some sense, since many users never fill up even 250GB hard drives. But as digital photography, amateur video editing, and the massive storage requirements of modern PC games increase, the need for greater capacity also increases.
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1 Terabyte Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 27/5-2007 

It's inevitable that you will have judged the Deskstar 7K1000 before you even read the first paragraph of this review - either you need a 1000 Gigabyte hard drive or you don't, there's not much I can do to convince you either way!
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