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1. Fitbit Flex Armbånd
2. Withings WiFi Badevægt
3. inFamous (PS3)
4. The Godfather 2 (PS3)
5. Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS3)

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1. Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution Review
2. Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Laptop Review
3. Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Review
4. Gateway P-171XL Gaming Laptop Review
5. Skulltrail: A Preview of Intel's Beast

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Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 PC Case Review 10/9-2007 

Building a high performance PC can be challenging. If the PC you're building has a ton of components inside, then finding space and routing cables can be frustrating in a standard mid-tower case. Even relatively large towers, like Antec's P182, can feel cramped if you're trying to stuff two GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards into them.
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SilverStone SG03 Small Form Factor PC Case--Review 19/7-2007 

We love small PCs.
Specifically, we love small, powerful PCs that give us our high-end gaming fix while not taking up much space.
One approach to this is to buy a relatively complete, barebones small PC. The champion of this approach is Shuttle, with their roughly cube-shaped PCs, such as the SN27P2 or the company's SD37P2.

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Almost Twins: Antec's P182 Deluxe and P190 Tower Cases 6/6-2007 

Antec's original P180 mid-tower case was a breakthrough case, designed from the ground up to minimize noise and to offer an attractive look that's more neo-modern than Giger-esque. Designed with input from Mike Chin of Silent PC Review, the P180 offered a roomy interior, while separating the noisy hard drive bay and power supply into a separate compartment, down near the floor level.
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Thermaltake Mozart TX Case with 7in Display 2/12-2006 

When the Mozart TX arrived in the office, my first impression was that it was a similar size to a shuttle. No – not the popular SFF brand, but in fact a real shuttle. Benny's first reaction was “is that a case, or a fridge?” and Riyad felt it looked more like a cabinet than a case. This thing is huge!
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Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case 14/11-2006 

When I built my first computer, the case was the last thing on the list. My budget was quite tight, and I'd have sooner spent my cash on a slightly better motherboard than a case. In the end, I got a blow-out deal, slightly damaged case for a mere £20.
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The Big Fun, Low Cost, SLI Gaming Rig 1/11-2006 

We've built killer gaming rigs where price is no object. We've built $800 game systems, and we've built bang-for-the-buck systems. These have always had noble goals—push the high end to the limit, show someone what they can build for relatively few dollars, and so on. While it's useful to do that, sometimes it feels like an exercise in accounting.
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Antec Nine Hundred PC Case Review 25/10-2006 

The first thing you're likely to notice about the new Antec Nine Hundred case (about $140 online) is the 20cm fan, mounted in a bulge at the top of the case. You almost expect a small turret to pop out of the bulge while you're playing Battlefield 2142. The next thing you're likely to spot are the pair of 12cm, front-mounted fans, which serve to cool the hard drive bays. Toss in a third 12cm fan mounted in the rear, and you have a total of four large fans, which can move a substantial volume of air each second.
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Evolution of Lian Li's SOHO Server Cases 16/5-2006 

For some enthusiasts, it seems like there's an almost insatiable need for more storage space. With the advent of super-detailed games, high-quality music, high-definition video and more, needs for kilobytes or megabytes have quickly given way to needs of gigabytes. If the media can just be archived, there are a few good solutions available now and even better emerging technologies like Blu-Ray on the horizon. However, for practical everyday use, nothing really beats a hard disk drive - especially twelve of them.
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